Integrity Matters

Grafton Food Pantry DonationThe Northwest Herald calls Paula Yensen the “fiscal hawk” of McHenry County. She’s opposed all tax increases, she rejected raises for County Board members, and she exposed ethics violations and corruption in county government.

Since first being elected as a trustee in Lake in the Hills in 2001, Dr. Yensen voted against every proposed tax increase. One of her first votes in 2001 was to eliminate vehicle registration stickers for village residents because it was an unnecessary and expensive program. Her most recent vote was to oppose the five percent "entertainment tax" on movie theater tickets in Lake in the Hills. Movie tickets are already expensive; why make an evening out for a family even more unaffordable?

Dr. Yensen opposed raises for County Board members when she first took office, and asked the State's Attorney if she could refuse the raise. When she was told she had to accept the increase, she gave her raise to the Grafton Food Pantry and Turning Point Domestic Violence Shelter. As a "protest" against out-of-touch government, Paula hoped other board members would follow her lead. Dr. Yensen continues to support a number of charities both locally and nationally.

Paula Yensen has proven throughout her career that she has the integrity and commitment to service that we need in government.

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