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    About Dr. Paula Yensen

    In 2001 Paula made the decision to run for the Lake in the Hills Village Board because she was interested in preserving the environmental quality of our community. She worked very hard to listen to the voters during the campaign, and made a promise to represent their concerns. Against all odds, she won that campaign and went on to serve two terms on the Village Board. She has been elected three times to the McHenry County Board, in 2008, 2012 and 2016.


    Paula believes that government must be focused on service to the public. Her simple philosophy:

    Be fair, be effective, and respect the taxpayers. Government can and does work when politicians adhere to that principle.”

    Too often we see the failures of government, and rarely do we hear success stories. It’s discouraging to see the dysfunction in Washington and Springfield, and it’s hard to imagine we can do much to fix those problems in the near term. But at the local level, Paula believes we really can make a difference.

    “Men and women of good will can work together to solve problems and make our county and local governments serve the public effectively.”

    All of us are being forced to tighten our belts, and local government must learn to do more with less. Paula knows how to balance budgets. The answer is not more taxes, it’s better, smarter government. We must partner with developers, municipalities, state and federal funding sources to attract the kind of economic growth that will broaden our tax base, bring us good-paying jobs, and ensure a diverse, sustainable business environment.

    Paula has knocked on over 25,000 doors during her election campaigns. It’s grueling work, but it’s the only way to really hear the concerns of citizens. There is no substitute for face-to-face contact with voters. There’s also no substitute for grassroots support from people like you. Your financial support helped Paula mount an aggressive campaign and return to the County Board in 2016. She is looking forward to continuing to serve you in 2020 and beyond.

    I hope you will support my efforts to fight for fair, effective local government. Thanks.”

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    When Dr. Yensen began her undergraduate career at Michigan State University, she never dreamt that one day she would earn a Ph.D. while studying with some of the world's most respected urban theorists and policy makers. The educational opportunities afforded to her have helped her grow from a concerned young woman into an effective community leader with a mature vision for the future.

    Her high energy and dedication to community activism drew the attention of leading faculty at Michigan State, who recruited her to take part in several ground-breaking studies of urban development during her graduate program. Dr. Yensen is still intensely interested in the dynamics of public and private intervention in local and regional economies, affordable housing policy, and fostering new employment opportunities in economically challenged communities.

    Her study of family structure and mechanisms led to an interest in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. Her interest was far more than academic: she became the executive director at a shelter for battered women. She also helped develop the rape evidence collection protocol ("rape kit") later adopted by the Michigan State Police and law enforcement nation-wide.


    • Ph.D., Michigan State University
      Major: Adult Education, Urban Affairs Programs and Family and Child Sciences.
    • M.A., Michigan State University
      Major: Adult Education. Minor: Family and Child Sciences.
    • B.S., Michigan State University
      Major: Consumer-Community Services. Minor: Sociology.

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    Paula grew up in a traditional farming community just north of Lansing, Michigan, and is the daughter of Paul Yensen, a Danish immigrant from Copenhagen. The elder Yensen served in the Navy during World War II, and was lucky to survive perilous convoy duty in the North Atlantic. After the war, Paul hauled raw milk to pasteurizing plants for local farmers. Paula's mother Retha was employed as a nurse at a local hospital, where Paula herself later worked as a dietary aide. After high school, she married and became a member of the AFSCME labor union when she began working in the bakery at Michigan State University.

    As a young mother of two children, Paula enrolled in college to pursue studies in community service. Paula later earned a Ph.D. in Education, with minors in Urban Affairs and Family and Child Science from Michigan State University. While a graduate student, she received the Women in State Government Scholarship, based on academic excellence and community service. Her graduate studies included in-depth research in affordable housing and employment issues, non-traditional learning, and urban planning issues. Her Ph.D. dissertation was focused on adult learning behavior at a shelter for battered women in Hamilton, Ohio.

    Paula served on the Ingham County Women’s Commission and was a co-founder of the Fair Housing Center in Lansing, Michigan. She also founded the Michigan Economic Justice Task Force, and offered consumer advocacy testimony before the Michigan State Legislature. While active in Michigan politics, Paula was admired and respected by friends on both sides of the political aisle, including Republican former Michigan first lady Helen Milliken, and Democrat Debbie Stabenow, now a U.S. Senator. Her bi-partisan approach to politics continues to this day.

    More recently, Paula was elected to two terms as a village trustee in Lake in the Hills and three terms on the McHenry County Board. She quickly became known for her hard work and effective leadership. She recently retired as Executive Director of United Way of Central Kane County and a national operational volunteer for Girl Scouts. She has also taught classes in fund raising, grant writing, board governance and leadership at Harper College.

    Dr. Yensen's daughter Jamie will enter the ministry after completing her studies at Drew University in New Jersey. Her son Jason does marketing research for the automotive industry in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her husband Michael is a product manager for Quad/Graphics, the largest printing company in the Americas.


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I have a simple philosophy: be fair, be effective, and respect the taxpayers. Government can and does work when politicians adhere to that philosophy.
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